Young Gamers Summer Camp Curriculum

Below is the current information and curriculum for the Young Gamers Summer Camp. It is currently under construction. Most details should be included by 5/27. Again, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Dana Nelson at

Day 1: History and Application of VGs

  • Begin with board games: Robo Rally + Fluxx (game design and rules demo)
  • Then roll into history of games:
    • arcade → consoles → PC → mobiile
      • Arcade: Pac-Man, Asteroids, Tetris
      • Consoles: Atari, Centurion, Nintendo, Sega, Playstation
      • PC: Doom, Myst, MMOs, Facebook/casual games (Slingo2 et al)
      • Mobile: Shadow Cities, Plants v. Zombies, Angry Birds
      • Gamification of real life: plague modeling in WoW, Ponzi schemes in EVE Online, Fitocracy

Day 2: Rules in video games / Party composition

  • Talk about party roles as reflections of real life attributes
  • Form 2-3 teams out of the students based on their “role/class”
  • Play Left for Dead 2 or Little Big Planet 2 for team-building
  • Portal 2 for team-playing
  • Basic teamwork strategies + communication
  • Intro to overall project w/ discussion on game genres (tower-defense, puzzle, adventure, FPS, arcade-style) end with what genre of game they want to make
  • Homework: come up with 1 character or game object each

Day 3: Intro tech

  • Start w/ show and tell of homework
  • Give them paper and have them story-board game rules and mechanics, with caveat that this is draft 1; cap at 2.5h
  • Intro to Processing.js graphics

Day 4: All graphics*

  • Start the day by playing Minecraft for an hour, goal to be determined in class.
  • Then work on Processing.js graphics collaboratively (encapsulate each graphic as an object in Processing.js)

Day 5:

  • Start the day with an hour of Portal 2, discuss (co-op play only)
  • Write out action logic on paper, turn into Processing.js
  • End with LFD2/Little Big Planet 2

Day 6:

  • Start with Sonic the Hedgehog, (or any other side-scrolling game) discuss
  • Keep working on Processing.js with your team
  • End with half hour of Mario (again, for the sake of side scroller)

Day 7:

  • Start with a racing game (F-Zero X or Mario Kart)
  • Keep iterating Processing.js with your team
  • End with half hour of Burbenog (Warcraft 3 mod, tower defense)

Day 8:

  • Start with Mortal Kombat (or any fighting game)
  • Keep iterating Processing.js with your team
  • End with Marvel v. Capcom

Day 9:

  • Start with Portal 2
  • Keep iterating Processing.js with your team
  • End with LFD2/LBP2. Keep iterating Processing.js with your team

Day 10:

  • Finish and demo, exchange team contact info to establish a mailing list for kids to continue development
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