eSports Video Gaming Bootcamp Thursdays

Using popular and effective video games, students will learn how to think critically while working in a group. With a strong emphasis on communication, gaining leadership skills and working well under pressure, there will be plenty of valuable skills that will be attained in one of the fastest growing sports the world has to offer.

We will primarily use League of Legends and StarCraft 2, but will occasionally play other games, and will focus entirely on cooperative gameplay during this time. As StarCraft 2 is a “Rated T for Teen” game, parents will need to give permission for middle school students to participate.

No previous knowledge of games is required. We will assume everyone is new to the game and will instruct as such.

Class maximum size:: 8 students

Cost: $200 (financial aid may be available, please contact Dana Nelson directly)

Class times: 4-6pm Every Thursday (10 sessions - Click here for our Academic Calendar!)


Fall Semester

  • September 27th-December 6th (no class here on Halloween or half-days)
  • Ages 14-17

Winter Semester

  • February 7th- May 2nd
  • Ages 10-13

Choose your Semester!

Exceptions to the age restrictions can be made. Please contact Dana Nelson at for more information.

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