Tis The Season…

This is the time of year we give back to our amazing, generous staff volunteers.

So AHA is closed to the public, from Thur., Dec. 19th through Sat., Jan. 3rd.

We will re-open for Art Party on Wednesday, January 7th, with staff shifts resuming on Thursday, Jan. 8th., just in time for Open Build.  Mark your calendar and show us your stuff.

Surprise!  Thanks to our dedicated instructor volunteers, AHA Saturday Classes continue, join them for:

  • Learn to Solder, 2-4pm, Dec. 20th
  • Learn to Laser Cut, 2-4pm. Dec. 27th
  • Learn to 3D Print, 2-4pm, Jan. 3rd.


We wish all of you a Safe and Happy Holiday.

- AHA Board of Directors

PS.  If you are an official member, your 24/7 access rolls on.

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Public Hours Reduced

AHA recently decided to eliminate Sunday public access.  We simply do not have enough staff volunteers to remain open that day.

We hope this is a temporary situation and will revisit this decision monthly.

- AHA Board of Directors

PS.  If you wish to volunteer your time to run staff shifts, please fill out this form.  Thanks.

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North Quad Makerfest Saturday…

Tomorrow, from 1-4pm, All Hands Active will be demonstrating 3 of our more popular technologies at the North Quad Makerfest.  The 3D Kinect Scanner, new 3D Kossel Clear printer and the ever-popular Oculus Rift.  Please join us, it’s always a good time.

UMSI North Quad Makerfest

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Look Out Below!!!

For the next few days, construction workers will be working on repairing concrete above the 2nd floor windows of our building.

This involves falling bits of concrete.

Please use caution when you come visiting.


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Let’s raise some $$$ for new soldering equipment…

We did it!!!   In 5 days, through the generous donations of many we reached our goal.
Thank you from the bottom of our DIY hearts!!!!!



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Cosplay coming up…

Get the word out!  Cosplay Monthly group meets at AHA next Tuesday.  We know there are a LOT of Cosplayers out there.  Now they just have to find out about this.

More details about the monthly group here

Want a target to aim at???  Here’s a couple.

Back To ConFusion and Motor City Comic Con.

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Closed for the Holiday

All Hands Active is going to be closed to the public this week due to the holiday. We’ll resume normal hours next week.  Safe travels if that’s on your agenda.

Just a reminder one benefit of membership is 24/7 access!  If you are considering joining as a member feel free to stop by and ask about membership or join our mailing list.

We are holding a Giving Tuesday Event on Dec. 2nd if you’d like to drop by and Make a little something.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Giving Tuesday!

All Hands Active is a special group.  We often give back to the community by sharing our space, our tools and our knowledge. And we support many like-minded groups by demonstrating our technologies (3D printers, laser cutter, 3D Scanner, Oculus Rifts) at their events.  On Tuesday, December 2nd, we’re going to give back a little more.

We’ll be opening our doors for a special day of Making on Giving Tuesday.  Come down and put together a little special something for those special people in your life.  We’ll supply the materials.

AHA continues to operate largely due to the time, money and efforts of our members and generous volunteers.   As a charitable organization IF you’d like to give something back to us, we’ll happily put it to good use with events like this one.

Click the DONATE button to the right OR stop by and offer your hands and your time.


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Radio Shack Catches Up w/ AHA

There’s a relatively new tagline in the Maker world.   DIT (Do It Together)…  Radio Shack has decided it makes for a good…well, um, let’s just say that’s the way we’ve been running AHA for going on 5 years.  And it works pretty well.

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Art Party!

Please welcome guest artist Peter Sickman-Garner of Hey Mister Comics to Art Party on Wednesday, November 5th. Peter will share his experiences, demonstrate a little of his comic genius and answer your questions about what it takes to be a graphic artist in this cruel, cruel world.

Details Magazine calls HEY, MISTER “America’s funniest comic book.”  Join Pete’s hilarious cast of misfits, Young Tim, Mister, and Aunt Mary, as they get drunk, party naked, and dissect everything sacred in Western civilization with their razor-edged and sardonic philosophies.

Get ready to make and/or enjoy some art with one of the funniest people we know, Peter Sickman-Garner.

Here’s the Facebook Event page, please join, it’s FREE!

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