Member Meeting Saturday March 22nd, 2014 5-7pm

All members of All Hands Active come on down!!!

March 22nd, 2014 for an All Members/Staff Gathering from 5:00pm – 7pm.

It’s been a long, cold winter. Some of you have made the trek downstairs recently, some have not. No matter, we hope you’re doing well, staying warm and finding a way to hack/make your way through the rest of this wintery season. To celebrate the coming Spring, let’s get together and chow down.

We’ll have Pizza & Cake, but feel free to bring a side dish! If you have any special requests, do share.

!!! AHA Members & Staff – Check your email for details regarding this picture of cool stuff being given away at tomorrow’s All-Member & Staff Meeting.  Come on down!

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Brain Awareness Week!!

It’s Brain Awareness Week, join us at All Hands Active for an evening of knitting neurons and hearing your own neurons! Inspired by these awesome people as well as these fine folk. This is a casual event, if you don’t know how to knit that’s fine! Be willing to ask someone you don’t know.

We will also be playing around with an EMG SpikerBox from Backyard Brains so you can hear your own (and your friend’s) neurons firing as you flex your muscles.

This event runs from 6:30pm to 9:30pm Thursday March 13th and is open to all ages. That doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for everyone, and we guarantee to offend at least one person. But we’ll apologize and offer cookies to make up for it : )

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Internet Badness Sunday!

Did you know that Jeff “Dark Tangent” Moss founded both Defcon & Black Hat conferences?

AHA will host a special guest, Don Blumenthal, Senior Policy Advisor at The Public Interest Registry this Sunday from 6pm – 8pm, Don will lead an open discussion at AHA titled:

Internet Badness: Scams, DNS Abuse, and other Shady Stuff 

Sure to be a lively discussion.  Join us.  Event Details.

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Art Party Wednesday!

Art Party is this Wednesday from 7pm to 10pm. This month’s theme is “Still Life in Space”

Facebook event details are here.

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A2 NewTech, Soup, and More!

We were invited out to give a talk at the monthly A2 New Tech meetup and met up with a variety of wonderful individuals. Thanks for inviting us over Zach!

During the meetup we bumped into Ryan of A2 Share, and learned that both he and Patrick of Grange Junior Makers will be presenting this Sunday at 6:00pm for the Ann Arbor Soup Micro Granting Dinner. If you find yourself hungry this Sunday, check it out!

March is right around the corner, if you’re interested in running an event at AHA, let us know. We’re always looking for an extra hand, if you’re interested in helping out a few hours a week, fill out this amazing form!

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Build night Thursday!!

Open to the public this Thursday 2/13 night for build night.

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Board Meeting open to the public 2/12

Board meeting tonight 2/12 from 7-9pm. Open to the public and membership.

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Art Party Wednesday!

Just a reminder that this Wednesday 2/6 we are having a very special Art Party Valentine’s day edition featuring dinosaurs or whatever else you are interested in painting or drawing.

Facebook event is here.


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Drop in learn to solder

Drop in learn to solder this Thursday 1/22 from 3:30pm to 6:30pm

For more information check out the event here.

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Early Hours Sunday + WreckLab Thursday!

We’ll be closing early today (Sunday 1/12) at 6:00pm, our apologies for any inconvenience. In happier news, come check out our all ages friendly WreckLab! Take apart, learn about, and create something new using perfectly good parts from ‘broken’ electronics. This Thursday from 3:30pm to 6:30pm, drop in anytime!

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