Open House & 501(c)(3) Celebration!

It’s that time of year where we invite as many people as we can fit into AHA for a pleasant evening of hackery fellowship! This year we are particularly pleased to announce our new 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Stop in and see what we’ve been doing to grow and improve the resources we offer our community! We will be showing off the new laser cutter, and we’ll have a members’ projects on display.

RSVP at this Meetup link over here!

We hope to see you there!

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New Laser Cutter In Action

Members know we have a new toy just coming up to speed.  It’s rather big and it’s rather red so meet “Big Red”.  A Jinan Transon 80w laser engraver.

Big Red In Action

While we’re still working out the last details before it becomes available to AHA members, we’ve run the first Beta class to put the class instruction through it’s paces with an original design.  We did that a week ago.  Here’s the video of what you missed.  Enjoy.

Our thanks to Pete Mills for making us earn our keep as Makers & Educators.

And Josh Williams for keeping it simple.

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Cosplayers…Come On Down!

September will be the first Cosplay Get-Together at All Hands Active.  This is a monthly meeting between the All Hands Active Makerspace and Maker-Works.






Come create, or enhance your costume, with our tools and folks just like you.

Event Details here.  Pass it on.

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Achievement unlocked: 501(c)(3)!

After several years of slow-but-steady work, with contributions from all number of brave and generous individuals, we have at last gained our official 501(c)(3) status!

What does this mean for us? First, it sets in stone our goal to be a valuable community resource, making Ann Arbor smarter! Secondly, it means more opportunities for financial sponsorship, as donations can now be fully recognized as tax-deductable.

More sponsorship will help us keep the lights on, get better tools and equipment, etc.. We are always looking for extra help in this area, whether you know of potential sponsors, are a potential sponsor, or have experience finding sponsors. :) We’d love to hear from you in any case — drop us a line on the blog here, or send us an email:

Today, the hard work really starts!

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Holy Cow! It’s already July!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!!

The first week includes LIVE Scorpions, Art Party!, Thursday Open Build and the ever-popular 3D Printing class on Saturday.

Check out the AHA Events page for details (fyi – Google Calendar is always up-to-date.)

Enjoy the holiday!

FYI – AHA public hours may be shortened due to the holiday.

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Music Night!

In case you missed Music Night yesterday – Making Beats!  Check it out.  New comfy chairs, new laser engraver, and new faces making some awesome new beats!

Music Night July 25th will be LIVE Music.  So dust off your instruments, clear those pipes and be ready… going to be a jammin’ good time!

Making Beats! Having Fun!

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A2 Skatepark Now Open!

7 years in the making and AHA was right there at the finish line.

So go check it out, skate it if you can, and when you’re done, come visit AHA.

Open hours are from Thursday-Sunday 2pm-10pm.


Opening Day Story here.

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Backyard Brains Journal Club

Journal Club is a summer activity for interns working with Backyard Brains.  They will meet daily Mon-Fri from 1pm-2pm at All Hands Active to share and discuss their neuroscience experiments.  Anyone is welcome to participate.

Today’s topic:   “How Scorpions respond to Predators!”

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Product Photography Workshop

Monday, June 16th from 6pm-8pm at All Hands Active:

Learn to create an attractive and color-accurate image to portray your cool stuff to the world.

Impossible Object Printed @ AHA!     –  But that’s another class. ;-)

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Happy Mother’s Day!!!

IF you find our door open today, here’s what you can do…

Make something for your Mom!  Wrap it in newspaper or a brown paper bag just like a little kid.  She won’t mind if it’s late.  Oh the memories she’ll share…

What?  You’re Mom’s a Maker???  Check this out.

IF you find our door locked today may we suggest…

  • Visit your Mom.
  • Call your Mom.
  • Or even do those with a friend’s Mom.

Don’t care to celebrate Mother’s Day?  No problem.

Lot’s to do elsewhere.   Enjoy the day!

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