Check out Ann Arbor CTN’s segment on All Hands Active. Tyler explains what AHA is all about, and talks about our recent move:

https://a2ctn.viebit.com/#AiZ0ZYcxxniq (segment starts around 4m53s)

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Hello, Makerfaire!

If you picked up one of our mktwo badges at Makerfaire today, check out the info here on how to get started:

Wiki for collaborative documentation: http://wiki.allhandsactive.org/Mktwo_Badge
Code: https://github.com/allhandsactive/mktwo-badge

Let us know how you like it! We’d love to see what you do with your mktwo badge!

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No public hours – Friday 7/8

On Friday 7/8, we will not be able to host our normal public hours from 6-10pm. We’ll resume with public hours 7/9 from 2-6pm. Please stop in on Saturday to say hello and check out Cryptoparty at 4pm!

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Build Night resumes + Volunteer training!

Build night at the new All Hands Active location will resume this Thursday 6/30 @ 7pm!

If you are interested in volunteering to run a shift at All Hands Active, volunteer training will take place at 7:30pm on Thursday 6/30. We’ll be meeting to discuss roles, a new job board, and establish a volunteer schedule.

Please stop in and say hello!

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A2 Tech Trek!

We’ll be participating in the A2 Tech Trek on Friday from 3-7pm. Stop down at the new space (below Afternoon Delight) and say hello!

More information can be found here: http://www.annarborusa.org/tech-trek

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Paint party!

We’re working to finish up painting the walls of the new location and would really appreciate anyone that can lend a hand!

Wednesday: 7:00pm – 12:00pm
Saturday: 1:30pm to ??

Stop down and say hello!

255 E. Liberty Street – We’re now located just under Afternoon Delight. If the front doors to the building are locked, we’ll keep the back stairway to the building open for volunteers. Thanks for your help!

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Election night – 6/2

Board elections will be held tonight 6/2 at the new location from 7pm until 10pm. We have 3 open positions and 4 candidates.

- Corey Tebo
- Erik O’Green
- Greg Gage
- Tyler Worman

Members in good standing can vote on site or contact Nate Yost to arrange a vote to be cast for you.

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Photos of move progress

Last weekend we moved all our items to the new location. We’re still in the middle of setting things up and painting, but we are making a ton of progress. You can view the photo gallery to see our progress.

We’ll be at the old space one more time this evening 5/26 around 7 pm. Stop by and help us close out the old space!

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Moving 5/21 – We need your help!

On Saturday 5/21 @ 10AM All Hands Active will be moving to our new location!

If you are able to lend a hand, we need your help! We’ll be loading all our items into moving trucks and unloading them two blocks down the road! The largest items like the laser cutter have already been moved.

You can meet us at the current location, 525 E. Liberty, at 10AM. Parking is available for $3 a day in the garage next to this location with an entrance on Washington Street. already been moved. We’ll provide food and drinks for anyone that is able to help.

Our new location is 255 E. Liberty in the lower level below Afternoon Delight.

If you are unable to help on moving day, please consider supporting our move by contributing to our GoFundMe. Donations are tax deductible. We have a few items remaining that we’d like to purchase for the new space. All donors will have their name, family name, or company name placed on a plaque mounted near the entrance to the new space.

Thanks again for all your support!

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Thanks Penguicon!

We want to extend an enormous thank you to the organizers and attendees of Penguicon. All Hands Active was the official charity of Penguicon! With your support, over $3000 dollars was raised to support our mission. We look forward to providing more programs in the Ann Arbor Area and at Penguicon next year. The convention was a success and all of our members who attended greatly appreciated the attention to detail given to every event by the organizers.

If you stopped by the makerspace at Penguicon, you would have seen many of our members soldering programmable LED boards together for attendees to purchase. Unfortunately, they arrived last minute and we didn’t have enough time to prepare them all before the con. If you didn’t manage to grab a completed one at con, we’ll have them available at other events throughout the summer and at Penguicon next year!

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