NEW – Household Memberships available for Adults & Minors!

We’d love to have you join our community workspace.  Our most valuable asset is our members’ skills, desire to share knowledge, and passion to make Ann Arbor smarter!

AHA has FOUR Membership Levels for your pleasure: 

1) Standard: $50/month gets you;

  • 24/7 access to AHA tools (must be vouched for by two full-access members).
  • Unlimited access to desktop & laptop computers (Linux & Windows OS).
  • A project storage locker to call your own.
  • Discounted AHA classes.
  • Refresher AHA classes for FREE.
  • Discounted hourly cost to use the large laser cutter (3′ x 4′ cutting surface)
  • One vote in any Board or Organizational election.
  • You get to help out AHA for 1 hour per month to keep it awesome!
  • Free parking on Sundays (members-only time).
  • The ability to add members of your household at a discounted rate.

2) Household*: $15/month (with Standard Member Sponsor) gets you;

  • The same basic benefits as a Standard membership, but at a more affordable rate.
  • 24/7 unsupervised access for adults, minors get accompanied access (with a signed Accompanied Access Liability Release from their parent and/or guardian)
  • May bring guests with appropriate signed Liability form.
  • You get to help out AHA for whatever hours you and your sponsor agree on.
  • Note: Household Members are “living under the same roof” as their sponsor.

3) Student or Starving Hacker: $20/month gets you;

  • The same basic benefits as a standard membership, but at a more affordable rate.
  • You get to help out AHA for 5 hours per month to keep it awesome!
  • Note: Student Members cannot sponsor Household Members.

4) Volunteer Membership (limited opportunities): gets you;

  • The same basic benefits as a Student membership, but in exchange for work.
  • You get to help out AHA for 20 hours per month to keep it awesome!
  • Anyone working 20 hrs/month qualifies for an Ann Arbor Go-Pass!

General Public – Free Access during limited public hours: gets you

  • Community Workshop Access to AHA resources.
  • Opportunity to donate a few dollars for good karma!
  • You can still help AHA out as much as you want to help keep it awesome!

What do I do if I want to be a member?

  • Come visit the space at 525 E. Liberty, check us out and try out some tools.
  • Bring a project for Build Night, every Thursday from about 6:00 to 10:00.
  • Chat with us on IRC and join the mailing lists you like.
  • Choose a membership level and fill out a membership form.
  • If applicable, pick out your locker and start taking more classes!
  • Get your keys and RFID tag to the space.
  • For keyed members, USE US! We’re here for your Making needs, rain or shine, 24/7.

All AHA Membership forms are available to download and print.

Membership & 24/7 Sign-up form (the key to a marvelous world)
Membership Explanation Documents (Benefits of each level).
Liability forms - to be signed by anyone wishing to use AHA resources.

Some other great reasons to become a member!

  • Access to a low and high tech tools like sewing machines, knitting needles, button-maker, crafty art suppliers suitable for all ages!
  • The use of machines you probably won’t have sitting around your house! (CNC, laser cutter, 3d printer, etc.)
  • Networking and connections with a collection of creative folk!
  • Experience the pulse of the Maker Movement and its addition to education in Ann Arbor!
  • Warm fuzzies for helping to support a great community resource.

Membership responsibilities
Please DO:

  • Clean up after yourself, put stuff back where it belongs, this is space you’re sharing with others, help keep it pretty and usable for everyone!
  • Be familiar with AHA workspace safety equipment and Safety page on the AHA Wiki
  • Please pay by the first Thursday/Build Night of the month via PayPal (Recurring), Cash or Check (at space).
  • To purchase concessions after hours use Square and put your money in the register.  No IOUs!
  • Be willing to demonstrate you can open the exterior door with your key and your name is on the Members In Good Standing document to any AHA member at closing to show you have 24/7 space access after hours.
  • Please do everything you can to keep our location secure and safe for all.

Please DON’T:
This is not all encompassing, but should give you a basic idea. If you’re unsure, ask!

  • Bring illegal drugs, alcohol or illegal weapons (physical or biological).
  • Duplicate your outside key OR share it with anyone.  Do NOT lend it to friends.
  • Please don’t use the iPad at the front desk unless an AHA staff member is present.
  • Use the the AHA Makerspace as a hotel – please consider the shared nature of the space
  • Use the AHA Makerspace as an after school program for school-age kids.
  • Leave non-members alone after hours in the space. Even if they’re your friends.
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