Free Public and Membership Acess

General Public - Free Access

  • Limited Public Hours (Thursday and Saturday only!)
  • Community Workshop Access to our resources.
  • Opportunity to donate a few dollars for good karma!
  • Use of the tools requires filling out a Liability form

Membership – 24/7 Access

We’d love to have you join our community workspace.  Our most valuable asset is our members’ skills, desire to share knowledge, and passion to make Ann Arbor smarter! You’ll gain access to low and high tech tools, many of which you likely won’t have at home (CNC/Laser Cutter/3D Printer/Vinyl Cutter). We provide networking opportunities for creative folks to experience the pulse of the Maker movement as we help to educate those in the Ann Arbor Area.

Visit the space, choose a membership level, and then fill out the membership and liability forms.

  1. Fill out our membership form online!
  2. Liability form (Print and bring with you)
  3. Read and understand our Anti-Harassment Policy
  4. Collect signatures from existing members to clear you for 24/7 access. Print out (or pick up a copy at AHA) of the form here: 24-Hour Access Form

I’m a member, but how do I get 24/7 access?

  • Come visit the space at 255 E. Liberty St. (Under Afternoon Delight), fill out a printed copy of the “24/7 Access Form”, get two member signatures, and then contact
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