Laser Cutter

All Hands Active’s Laser Cutter is available for public use after taking our laser training class. The laser class is offered periodically, and sometimes based on special request. You can find scheduled classes on our Meetup Page, or send an email to board at allhandsactive dotorg.

Jinan TransonCNC 1490A in a 1490B shell.
80 Watt Tube
55″ (140cm) x 35.5″ (90cm)
Rotary Axis
LaserCut 5.3 Software

File Format:
BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI (Version 7 only!)

What can you cut/engrave with it?
For the most part anything that won’t off gas chlorine. You should check No Cut list at the space and test burn your material before cutting if you are unsure of the safety. Below is a list of items that are known to be okay to cut.

* Cast – Engraving gives a diffused white look
* Extruded – Clear engraving
Glass – Etching
Metal – Etching w/proper coating
Anondized Aluminum – Etching only.
Untreated Wood
Some foams

When can you use it?
Members have 24/7 access to the laser cutter. We are open to the public Thursday – Saturday (see hours listed on side). Usage is on a first come first serve basis. You cannot schedule the laser at present.

We charge for time the laser is actually on and cutting. If you cut then it’s roughly equivalent to job run time (minus time for movement of the head). During engraving the laser only actually runs a small portion of the job time. We’re working on a solution to accurately report this time. The class will train you how to estimate.
Public – $.75 a minute
Members – $.50 a minute.

Where can I get even more information?
Head over to our wiki here

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