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AHA exists because people like you think it is awesome enough to keep around. We don’t generate enough income to pay someone to take out the trash, update software, run shift, plan events, maintain tools, etc. We need everyone to help do these wonderful things. Here are three ways you can make a difference today:

1) Help out for an hour, or more, or less! Regular chores that need doing are;  empty the trash (nearest dumpster is in Trapper’s Alley in back of the Michigan Theater), pick up and sweep the space (ongoing), clean the bathrooms (unpleasant, but necessary), clean the Loud Noise room (often gets missed).  These are all tasks that help keep AHA functioning. Anyone can do these tasks that can take as little as ten minutes or an entire afternoon. Your choice!

2) Commit to a longer period. We are always looking for staff that are willing to work the front desk once a week for a total of three months.  It’s a serious commitment, but you’ll learn how to use the tools, have free access to most of the workshops, and meet amazing people. You also get 24/7 access.

3) Donate! Funds go entirely to keeping the space open and accessible with as many tools as possible. Any amount makes a positive impact!!

Things Staff (or potential Staff) Should Know…

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