Hacking in OpenCL

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Date(s) - 25 Oct 2014
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

All Hands Active

Do you want to harness the power of your GPU for computing tasks? Are you intimidated by the complexity of getting started? In this class, students will go from 0 to 60, learning how to design and implement efficient code to take advantage of the performance offered by their graphics processor. Students will receive example kernels and host code to get started and will receive help designing their own kernels upon request.

The class is designed to take you from having only a basic knowledge of what a GPU is to using OpenCL and Python to analyze data, crack passwords and run simulations. Sample host code and kernels will be provided for attendees, so you can get going on your own ideas quickly.

The class will run about 2 hours. If anybody has any questions, just ask!

Please bring a laptop and your brain!

If you still need to pay for this class, please do so by clicking the “Buy Now” button. Like most of our workshops, we are asking for $15. If you can not / are not willing to pay this amount, please email joshdont at gmail dot com and we’ll work something out.

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