Design an AHA Workstation (2/3)

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Date(s) - 17 Mar 2013
2:00 PM - 8:00 PM

All Hands Active

AHA has 10 PC Workstation that are currently used primarily for gaming. We would like to create a new design that allows for multiple uses, ie:
– Programming
– Soldering
– 3D Printing
– Collaborative Work
– Social Gaming
– Classes & Workshops

Our current setup is not conducive to any of the above items. While it looks absolutely amazing, it’s both frustrating to maintain and limiting in it’s scope.

If you have an interest in furniture design, collaborative workspaces, or just interested in lending a voice / hand, join us! This workshop will occur on 03/10, 03/17, and 03/24. Ideally by the third workshop, we will have a working prototype to test.

While this workshop is geared to design new workstations for AHA, hopefully it will benefit others as well!

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