3D Printing & Mold Making: Discussion

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Date(s) - 26 Jan 2014
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

All Hands Active

3D Printing and Mold Making! While 3D Printing is wonderful, for larger and more complicated objects it can take a huge amount of time. If you need to make 40 or 50 copies of a print, it might make more sense to print once and make a few molds to finish the remainder.

Join Alex Hatch & Crew to share experiences and knowledge on the process of going from a 3D Print to a Silicone Mold. This will be an open discussion about methods, problems, and discoveries when using 3D Prints as a basis for generating molds. It is NOT intended to be a class or workshop.

This is open to anyone of any age. If you are experienced in one or both of these fields, we would love to have your input! If you know absolutely nothing but are curious, we would love your questions!

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