3D Model your Body!

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Date(s) - 29 Jun 2013
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

All Hands Active

Learn how to use the Kinect to generate 3D Models of Humans! Using ReconstructMe and the Kinect you can create a Digital 3D copy of a person in about one minute.

During the first hour we will have everyone walk through the process of using the Kienct to generate a model, and using the software to patch the 3D Model. The second hour will be an open period in the Lab at AHA for further experimenting with Scanning & Modeling.

Where can you go from there?
- Print it with a 3D Printer!
- Import it into a video game
- Use it for further 3D Modeling & Animation

Please note: This workshop covers the basics of scanning and patching, it is not intended to teach people the basics of 3D Modeling, video game design, etc.

If you have experience in 3D Modeling & Animation or Video Game Design, we would love to talk with you to about a workshop that relates to this!

Register today! Pre-register to reserve your space, there are only 5 spaces p/session! Pay what you think it’s worth, we will happily take what you think it’s worth / can afford!

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