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The Digital Ops Cube, designed by Mark LeBay & Jon RosenthalThe adventure continues! If you’re looking for Digital Ops the gaming center, you will want to head on over to their new site. If you’re looking for a little bit of history, stick around.

Digital Ops got its start in late 1996 by Jon Rosenthal and Mark LeBay. Multiplayer Gaming wasn’t much of a term at that time, and in terms of consumer adoption the internet barely existed. With their own vision and tools, Jon & Mark created a unique environment for people to play multiplayer PC Games. Working with a number of people (Oliver, Dylan, Garrett, Josh, Scott, Dan, Elliott, Matt, Drew, Jonah, Robin, to name a few) ¬†they created an amazing community for people to play games.

The tools Ops had provided a perfect venue for what is now at 525 E. Liberty St: All Hands Active. Similar to how Digital Ops started, AHA came to be at a time where most people weren’t familiar with Hackerspaces, Make Magazine, etc. Bilal Ghalib and a few friends needed a place to turn their ideas into reality, and Ops had a small area they were willing to let AHA do this in.

In three years All Hands Active had expanded into most of the space, purchased all the assets, and converted North America’s longest running PC Gaming Center into North America’s Friendliest Hackerspace. The story isn’t quite complete. MYTHLOGIC, a local custom PC Manufacturer who provided some life saving breath into Ops wasn’t willing to see the name go under. So in 2013 the Digital Ops name was transferred to MYTHLOGIC, where the gaming continues at their new location.

All Hands Active still provides access to 10 PCs that are available for a variety of uses. This includes everything from Programming to 3D Modeling, Research, or relaxing with a casual game. The PCs are just one more tool available for use at our shop, come check us out!

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