CNC Router

All Hands Active’s CNC Router is available for public use after taking our CNC training class. The CNC class is offered every other month provided more than 3 people sign up. If you need to take the training class immediately contact

Probotix Fireball V90
3 Speed Spindle
X-Axis 18″ Y-Axis 12″ Z-Axis 3″
Mach3 Control Software
VCarve Pro
Cut 3D

File Format:
Cut3D – STL, 3D DXF, 3DS, OBJ, WRL, LWO, V3M

What can you cut/engrave with it?
Most materials. We’ve etched PCBs, glass and aluminum with it. We’ve cut aluminum, wood, PCBs, plastic, ABS and HPDE. The limiting factor is that you may have to cut slowly and do many passes with a hard enough end mill for your work piece.

When can you use it?
Members have 24/7 access to the CNC Router. We are open to the public Thursday – Saturday (see hours listed on side). Usage is on a first come, first serve basis. You cannot schedule the CNC at present.

How do I know which end mills to use?
We have a small collection you can source from or bring your own. Our collet can hold Dremel sized 1/8″ mills. Members have several larger collets for their personal use as the spindle can hold up to 1/2″ end mills. One of our members wrote an excellent article on picking the right end mill and you can find it over at Make Magazine here.

No cost! You may have to purchase your own end mills if we don’t have the specific bit you need. We have a small collection at the shop that are free to use.

Where can I get even more information?
Head over to our wiki here

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