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Hacky Time Show and Tell

This week, due to the holiday, CraftsmanGuild is expecting some lowered turnout (what, you weren’t working over the weekend?), so we’ll be having Hacky Time Show and Tell. Bring your side project, or an idea for one, and we’ll all … Continue reading

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Craftsman Guild’s Linux workshop and Python Unit Testing at All Hands Active

It’s time for Craftsman Guild again, and once again we’ll be meeting at All Hands Active on 525 E Liberty in Ann Arbor. This week for Craftsman Guild, we’ll be delving into setting up a Linux environment which you’ll no … Continue reading

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We’re Alive!

We rocked out a couple Saturdays ago at the A2 Mini Maker Faire. All told, AHA had a hand in three semi-distinct exhibits. Our own booth featured Shaun‘s brilliant drawing robot, which he demonstrated to passersby. You feed it x and y … Continue reading

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Art Show wrap-up!

I was pleasantly amazed at the success of our event at Vault of Midnight. The food and music were great, the venue was sweet, the room was packed, and we took in about $260 ($160 after splitting) at the door, … Continue reading

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Art Show this Saturday, March 26!

Pillows by Nicole Sobolak In case you haven’t heard, the makers and friends of All Hands Active have brought together a massive offering of projects for exhibition! Come join us at Vault of Midnight, in the basement at 219 South … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Arduino Time

All Hands Active opens early every Sunday at 10:00am to help people work, play, and learn more about the Arduino Microcontroller (and others). Don’t know what an Arduino is? Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use … Continue reading

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lasers that cut @ A2MechShop

A2MechShop graciously hosted AHA again, where about 15 members showed up to use and learn about their CNC laser cutter and PCB milling machine. Here is a picture of a breakout board we made using the PCB mill for which … Continue reading

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So you want to be a Vim Ninja? [class]

Well AHA, I know how much you like to edit text. I get 40 or so emails a day from your smiling finger-faces in my email box, and I see Textmate and jEdit and Notepad++ open on your happy terminals when I come upon your fantastic visages in person. Continue reading

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We had two awesome events recently: on Friday, we took a field trip to A2 Mech Shop to learn to use their laser cutter. Then a bunch of us headed out to Xander’s (and Pokey’s) for Hack-a-Chef II on Saturday … Continue reading

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DUCF: Flawless Victory!

Sometimes, all it takes is one member. Major Majors pulled it all together, virtually singlehanded: borrowing materials for 5 soldering stations from Dale Grover, buying a couple hundred Maker Shed 2010 badges, and recruiting volunteers to staff the booth. Props … Continue reading

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