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So you want to be a Vim Ninja? [class]

Well AHA, I know how much you like to edit text. I get 40 or so emails a day from your smiling finger-faces in my email box, and I see Textmate and jEdit and Notepad++ open on your happy terminals when I come upon your fantastic visages in person. Continue reading

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Sexify Your Life!

Beginning last night and continuing for the next month, members and friends of AHA are running a series of DIY fashion classes titled “Sexify Your Life”. We had a really great turnout for the first installment, “Yarning”, where attendees learned … Continue reading

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Lab Coat Embroidering Session!

* Images of Men AND Women Embroidering * Thanks to Nate Dotz & Freedom-Cherokee, AHA acquired some excellent Lab Coats a week ago! Alas, in our new official capacity of Lab Coat Wearing Awesome Persons, we were still generic “Awesome Person”, … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being Pythonic [Programming Class]

I know what you’re wondering: “Why haven’t I attended a python class at All Hands Active recently?” No worries! You can stop feeling guilty and start feeling awesome, because another round of python classes is coming up at AHA. And … Continue reading

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Digitizing Xander – 3D Modeling in Blender

Members of AHA are often holding or facilitating in some sort of free workshop, class, etc. So far we’ve managed to get our hands involved in Welding, Model Rockets, Duct Tape Wallets, Python (Programming, snakes come later), and so much … Continue reading

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Electronics Salvo

So we’re gearing up to teach a 6-week course in basic electronics.  It will be taught by Bilal, Pokey, and myself.  We intend to post lots of content online from it.  As a warm up, can you spot all the … Continue reading

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