Board Election Fall 2013

Meet the nominees!

Andrew Spencer

Taking the first step can be one of the tougher parts in life. We all need to take a step forward and ask ourselves what we can do to contribute to the space. I hope to expand my contributions to All Hands Active with supplying my time and efforts as a new 2013 board member.

Dana Nelson

I’ve been an active member of All Hands Active for almost 3 years and have been a board member for 2.5 terms. I am passionate about pushing AHA forward and doing more unconventional classes and promoting our members to do more for our community and beyond. I believe that the next board should be willing to guide AHA to become more serious as an organization.

I’m not really good with boasting, but I do like lists, so here is what I have done:

  • AHA Summer Camp (Raising around $4,500 for AHA)
  • Awesome Foundation Grant (April 2013, $1000)
  • Organized the Penguicon Makerspace (2012, 2013, and working on 2014)
  • Art Show at Vault of Midnight in March 2011 (raised around $400)

Here’s what I hope to do in the next six months:

  • Revamp the Summer Camp curriculum for small businesses in the area to use as team-building and work “field trips.”
  • Organize the 2014 Penguicon Makerspace to be the best one yet
  • Continue to apply for grants on AHA’s behalf
  • Come up with new and innovative classes AHA could provide

Larry Works

I’ve long been an advocate of AHA’s stated goals to Collaborate, Promote, and Teach since its inception. Now that AHA has become a living, breathing, organism built from within it’s a great time for me to help in an official capacity. But what I really want to see happen is AHA get’s that oh-so-important 501c3 as soon as possible. Non-Profit Board Trained in Ann Arbor, I will work to make what AHA has already done even better. And leave alone the stuff you like just the way it is. And I will use all my Ann Arbor connections to see that good things happen as AHA builds solid relationships out in the wider community that is A2/Ypsi.

But first up, your already stated goals for the next 6 months. If you’ll allow me to help get those done as a Board member, I would be honored.

Here’s a little of my background along with lists for you bullet point junkies. Things in bold I’m particularly proud of accomplishing.


EXPERIENCE – Background in Product Engineering that include 9 years in information technology, 7 years in vehicle engineering analysis and 6 years of advanced electronics service in the US Navy.

Maker-Related Stuff

  • Have my own photography business – I make pictures!
  • Teach photography for A2 Rec & Ed – so others can too!
  • Build nixie tube clocks for – because Neon is cool!
  • Had 2 booths at the first ever A2 Mini-Maker Faire
  • Licensed Ham Radio Operator – KD8MZM
  • Maker Liaison for Detcon1
  • Woodworker
  • Active relationships with several Maker, Science and Tech groups in A2/Ypsi

Work Highlights

  • Served 6 years in USN – Fire Control Tech (shipboard missile radar) – Went through both the Suez and Panama canals and crossed the Equator
  • Helped to start up GM SATURN Corporation – Variation & Tolerance Analysis using Monte Carlo methods
  • Co-authored Strategic plan for GM Supplier Collaboration
  • Designed and implemented GM’s Supplier Collaboration Network (think real-time, interactive engineering apps and telecom)
  • Developed Supplier Collaboration Course Curriculum
  • Directed and produced the film Engineering@Hi Speed for GM North American Supplier Conference (want to watch it?)


  • Master of Liberal Studies – Interdisciplinary Technology, EMU, Ypsilanti, MI 2006
  • Bachelor of Science, Industrial Technology, Illinois State University 1985 (with honors)
  • Nonprofit Board Trained – Nonprofit Enterprise Work, Ann Arbor, MI 2006
  • Certified IT Management Professional, Learning Tree International 2000


  • US Navy Expeditionary Medal, Good Conduct Medal and several Letters of Commendation
  • US Navy – Master at Arms (3 years)
  • Honorably Discharged in 1982
  • General Motors President’s Award for the skunk project “Go Fast to Math”
  • EDS Peer Recognition Award

Martin Sager

I am System Administrator for the University of Michigan and I play ultimate frisbee and is part of the new player recruitment and retention. As a member of All Hands Active I’ve started Art Party, a monthly party focusing on disconnecting from technology and relaxing.

As part of the board of All Hands Active, I’d focus on process improvement and furthering a sense of community. I’d like to start a monthly All Hands Active member meeting so that the members can meet each other on a regular basis. I’m also started discussions about starting a meetup with OmniCorp Detroit and I3 to review best practices for hacker spaces. I’ll also encourage dialog with members of the University to continue to build AHA! I’m also looking to focus on the long term viability of the space, including finances and member retention.

Nathan Yost

Hello! I am throwing my hat in the ring again after four previous terms on the Board of Directors. I feel I have come a long way with my ability to push things forward at AHA and engage with the community and our membership; and I would like to continue filling this role (and more!)

AHA is still within a critical period of growth, and we have established some ambitious plans for the next six months. We are really starting to see good traction with the education and business community, and gaining a steady stream of new members because we are putting ourselves out there with well-executed events, awesome teachers, and a friendly Maker spirit among our ranks.

Now that the 501c3 application is ready to be launched off to the IRS, I would like to create more opportunities to interface with local organizations to raise money for AHA’s great cause. I am also very interested in helping to streamline our administrative processes to make it easier to become a member, run classes, and take donations; and I would like to gather and crunch more data so we can objectively track our progress as we grow in terms of membership, revenue, and attendance at classes and events, etc..

I remain in touch with those who would utilize AHA. Please feel welcome to contact me and the rest of the board via the list, address, #allhandsactive on Freenode, or find me in person — I am at AHA quite often! I really want to hear about what you think of AHA.

Here’s looking forward to being able to serve you for the next six months. Thank you for your support and your patronage at AHA!

Tyler Worman

I’m a software developer who likes to building awesome things. I come to All Hands Active to entertain my interest in 3D Modeling and rapid prototyping. If you’ve taken the 3D Printing or CNC class, we’ve probably met.

I became involved with All Hands Active just over two years ago when I moved to Michigan. I remember attending my first build night and realizing how extremely welcoming and wonderful the people were. I became a member almost immediately and have been sharing and learning from you ever since.

If elected to the board, I hope to focus on growing the community. We have a wonderful space that is often under utilized. I want to help the organization attract new members, host interesting events and demonstrate to non-members why we are an important community resource. We’ve already outlined goals for AHA to achieve over the next six months. I would love to be part of the group guiding the organization on that quest.

It is exciting to tell others about the space, the amazing people and the wonderful things we do. All Hands Active is a very big part of why I love Ann Arbor. It is extremely important to me that AHA remains available as resource for others to learn, discover, share and make friends.

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