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Study material for our Students!

This weekend we got a care package from one of our sponsors, O’Reilly Media stuffed with books to give away to students in our Arduino and Electronics courses! In case you were unaware, O’Reilly’s user group program is totally awesome, … Continue reading

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Build night August 18th, 2011 – Rockband Drums hack!

With a smidgen of python and a spare Rockband controller that someone brought down, we quickly reverse-engineered the joystick outputs into a neat little sampler!

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This week’s Craftsman Guild – Clojure Day

Hey software junkies! Come practice honing your hacking craft at Ann Arbor’s own Craftsman Guild hosted by All Hands Active Hackerspace. This week Tuesday (August 9th!) at 6:30pm, it’s all clojure all night! Dave Ray will be running through the … Continue reading

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Detroit Maker Faire – Like a raging fire-breathing rhinoctopus being successful

We did it guys! Detroit Maker Faire was a total and complete success, and we made it outĀ alive (if a little crispy from the weather which resembled something of a cross between the surface of the sun and a Louisiana … Continue reading

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Hacky Time Show and Tell

This week, due to the holiday, CraftsmanGuild is expecting some lowered turnout (what, you weren’t working over the weekend?), so we’ll be having Hacky Time Show and Tell. Bring your side project, or an idea for one, and we’ll all … Continue reading

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Craftsman Guild’s Linux workshop and Python Unit Testing at All Hands Active

It’s time for Craftsman Guild again, and once again we’ll be meeting at All Hands Active on 525 E Liberty in Ann Arbor. This week for Craftsman Guild, we’ll be delving into setting up a Linux environment which you’ll no … Continue reading

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So you want to be a Vim Ninja? [class]

Well AHA, I know how much you like to edit text. I get 40 or so emails a day from your smiling finger-faces in my email box, and I see Textmate and jEdit and Notepad++ open on your happy terminals when I come upon your fantastic visages in person. Continue reading

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