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We Make Sound

The jam session mentioned below has been normalized for sound levels and uploaded for your listening pleasure here. For the majority of the jam session, we played as such: Matt – Rotaphone Oishi – Drums Adam – Vocal Clicking Xander … Continue reading

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Jam Session #1

  Jam session #1 in progress, we recorded some very interesting stuff.  And even as I write this, there’s more music being made.  The picture about features Amanda’s Hank Drum built out of an unused propane tank, Alex’s home-made amp … Continue reading

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Drunk History of Tesla (NSFW Language)

This reminds me of the following diagram (from cynical-c, courtesy of Reddit):   Even when we Makers, Nerds, Geeks, Scientists, Roboticists, what have you, are drunk off of our asses, we still know our shit.  Every once in a while … Continue reading

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Tuesday Organizational Meetings

Every Tuesday at about 8p, we meet to discuss organizational things and official stuff.  Sometimes these meetings are small because people are busy, but they’re always engaged. Tonight we’re arguing about laser cutters and vinyl!!!  Funding issues are also a … Continue reading

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Blogged by Make!

Last weekend we were infiltrated by Matt Mets of Hack Pittsburgh and Make Magazine.  We were immediately drawn to the breadth and alluring luminescence of his pate and lenses, and he took photographs of us as we went about our … Continue reading

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Build Night Tomorrow 3.18.10

Weekly Build Night, awesomeness almost guaranteed!  Mind the chemicals and watch the wrinkles, they’ll be moving and dancing as we sing the night away.  I don’t have much of a range, but I can sing bass; can you all come … Continue reading

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Upcoming Classes

So far we’ve seen Drupal classes from Anthony, a whole series in basic Python programming from Nate, a music theory course from Pokey, art classes from Bri, an electronics course from Valdes, and Xander’s molecular biology and quantum chemistry attempts.  … Continue reading

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Maker Faire Planning Meeting

Maker Faire Planning Meeting!   Today we got together to brainstorm ideas for the Maker Faires that are coming up.  Many ideas were spun, hashed, scribbled, spoken, confused, and otherwise garbled.   1) All Hands Active Booth We hope for … Continue reading

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Upcoming Events

BUILD NIGHT!!! Thursday, March 11th, ~8pm Our weekly get-together to hack everything around us.  Wreck Lab will be in full effect and there is also always space and time for painting and building.  If you’ve never been, now’s a good time … Continue reading

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Site Re-vamp!!!

  Alright, well I finally took the time to get the website redesigned and changed how everyone wanted. Well, let’s hope anyway.  There is now a wiki, you do not need an account to post to the wiki.  You can … Continue reading


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