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Renovating to Increase Useful Uses of Making Space

We’ve been busy busy busy renovating All Hands Active to have more workable space.  This means we’ve moved to the other side of Digital Ops, and are now erecting shelving and filling it with the multidinous wonders we seem to … Continue reading

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In the sciences, it is generally looked upon as being in poor taste for one to experiment upon themselves.  This seems to be a modern sensibility that arose about the same time as modern hospital hygiene.  In the past, such … Continue reading

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This canvas was painted by Valdes, Pokey, Amanda, and yours truly using small animals covered in burnt parlor hair, tea, and boutique muds as pigments.  Don’t ask how we got red (thanks, Pokey!).  It’s going to be part of Amanda’s … Continue reading

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Implicit Trust

Crap! I wrote something all meaningful and stuff about how hackers wind up trusting each other more than others because of the shared desire to create incredible things, and how it manifests in doing things like holding wires together for … Continue reading

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4.22.10 Baunacht Fete

I think "Build Night" sounds much better in German: "Baunacht!"

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Space Night

The hackerspace invaded the local dance club for Yuri’s Night, celebrating the first flight of Yuri Gagarin.  Costumes were encouraged, and we obliged.    

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Punk Circuit

The Atari Punk Circuit is a venerable old noise maker created by Forrest Mims III using the timed pulses out of 2 555 or 1 556 timers and some capacitors to make noise.  The resistors change the rate of those … Continue reading

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Andrew: "Nice box you got there, Alex." Alex: "Uh…" <punches Andrew in the face>   This is actually the clackety box that goes clack when Alex juggles tin foil balls to close the interrupted circuits she’s built into her gauntlets.

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No, we’re not presumptuous or anything.

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Boxes and Mating Calls

We share space with Digital Ops, a local gaming business who have been awesome enough to help us set up with tools and parts and give us space and from whom we buy cookies and tea.  We have arrangements worked … Continue reading

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