AHAkids Summer Camps

Our goal for this year’s series of summer camps is to explore the tangible potential your children hold. We will be systematically working in teams and separately to learn more about ourselves, finding both strengths and weaknesses, working on improving what we excel at and working through flaws. Below you will find a list of our classes for this year. You will find precise information about our goals for us and your child, and what you can expect your child to learn, and how the class may have a long term effect on your student.

All classes will run Monday-Friday from 12pm-5pm.

Ages for all programs are 10-15 years old. We are not strict about these ages, so if you think your child can learn in an environment made for this age group, these classes are for you!

Gamer Summer Camp-Through the act of play, we will be tackling some of the hard issues that today’s youth are faced with when it comes to the multi-player online universe. By tackling common issues found in true cooperative games like anger management, working constructively as part of a team, and proper conflict resolution, we can start to understand what causes these issues, and create markers for these emotions so that we can benefit our behavior outside the video game.

  • June 17-21
  • August 5-9

Maker Bootcamp-Through use of multiple useful tools, students will learn how to take ideas from concept to reality. In the process of creating a number of different projects, they will learn all the skills necessary to operate a 3D printer and a LASER cutter, safely and independently. Starting in the traditional fashion of fleshing out plans on paper, they will quickly learn that using computer technology, anything you want to create is possible.

  • August 12-16

Arduino Bootcamp-The goal of this class is to shift focus away from simply using electronics to understanding how they work by programming them! Students will learn to work with an Arduino Board to combine components like LEDs, motors, and sensors. Students will also learn how to program starting with the very basics, turning on and off an LED, to more sophisticated situations like maneuvering a car. We will use real life examples to help students understand the importance of the skills taught in class.

Students can sign up for the traffic light, the car, or the entire summer camp! If the student has never used an Arduino or programmed before, we recommend that the student start with the traffic light.

  • August 19 – Make a Traffic Light
  • August 20 – Make a Smart Traffic Light!
  • August 21 – Make a Simple Car
  • August 22 – Make a Smart Car
  • August 23 – Make a Smart Car Smarter!

If you are seeking Financial Aid for these classes, we may be able to help you. It is usually dependent on whether there are enough students for classes to fill up or not, and the student must show excitement, creativity, and ambition. Email a creative resume (video, poem, pictures of a project, get creative) to Dana@allhandsactive.com


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