AHAkids Arduino Summer Camp

Registration is closed, stay tuned for more!

The goal of this class is to shift focus away from simply using electronics to understanding how they work by programming them! Students will learn to work with an Arduino Board to combine components like LEDs, motors, and sensors. Students will also learn how to program starting with the very basics, turning on and off an LED, to more sophisticated situations like maneuvering a car. We will use real life examples to help students understand the importance of the skills taught in class.

Students can sign up for the traffic light, the car, or the entire summer camp! If the student has never used an Arduino or programmed before, we recommend that the student start with the traffic light. Camp runs from 12pm to 5pm.

  • August 19 – Make a Traffic Light
  • August 20 – Make a Smart Traffic Light!
  • August 21 – Make a Simple Car
  • August 22 – Make a Smart Car
  • August 23 – Make a Smart Car Smarter!

Goals:  Students will leave with a firm understanding of electronics basics to better enable them to go on and work on personal projects.

  • Arduino is a microcontroller that uses simple programming to prototype more advanced projects. It allows for the creation of simple and easy to use devices, but also has enough capability to take on larger projects from advanced developers.

  • Students will learn about basic electronics and be able to identify what components are capable of.

  • We will learn basic programming skills required to communicate with the Arduino microcontroller.

  • Students will be put into teams, with a focus of developing a project together. Communication skills will be focused on and improved during these exercises.

  • Trouble shooting is a common issue in development. Steps to find out problems will be learned, discussed, and developed.

How We Measure Success:  Completing an independent project, as well as a second one as part of a team will ensure that our goal has been achieved. A basic knowledge of electronics basics, research techniques, and Arduino programming will be gained by all students, leaving them with the ability to develop their own projects without supervision and beyond the run of this class.

Reasons this could benefit your child in the real world:

  • Less Consuming, More Making:  Due to advancements in technology, these tools are becoming more common as a part of the community. Utilizing these tools, we rely less on cell phones and computers made by large corporations, and instead develop our own ways to communicate our ideas. As culture shifts back to a maker society, being able to create for oneself will be a valued and sought after quality. Being a few steps ahead of the game will give students an advantage in the field of innovation.
  • Team Building, Communication, and Confidence:  Learning to communicate to a team in an innovative environment will constantly test each student’s capabilities and push them to achieve personal growth. These skills, paired with the rest of what we will be learning, are all valuable resources, heavily sought after in the job market.
  • Research Techniques:  In almost any academic or career field, finding more information on any given topic is essential, and is a vital resource in taking on personal projects. Some age groups in this class will not have been introduced to the concept of proper research and will academically be ahead of the curve.

We offer a “Pay what you can” model for this workshop. Below is the recommended amount, but please feel free to contact Dana or Josh for alternative amounts!

Registration is closed, stay tuned for more opportunities!

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