AHA during the “stay at home” order

AHA remains closed to the public during the stay at home order. For members we have the following guidelines:

  • AHA is not a space to gather, hangout, eat, co-work, or otherwise linger during this time.
  • The tools at AHA are still available to members to make essential repairs. Please think very carefully before coming to the space, and don’t stay longer than you need to.
  • Please wash your hands and disinfect all surfaces before and after touching them, using our established procedures.

We have no plans to lock our doors at this time, however if members are found to be using the space for non-essential purposes, their access will be temporarily revoked until the governor’s order is lifted. Please review this article to understand what’s considered essential: https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2020/03/23/michigan-shelter-in-place-order-coronavirus/2887578001/

We know this sounds drastic, but these are drastic times. We can get through this if we stick together. If our space can be used by members or non-members for medical making during this time, that would be considered essential and welcome activity.

Please stay safe and healthy out there!

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  1. works4me says:

    Roger That! Stay safe. Stay healthy.
    Larry – aka KD8MZM

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