Art of Warez Screening – September 18th 2019

In the early internet/pre-internet days of the 80s and 90s, users with a modem would dial-in to Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) to communicate, chat on public message boards, play text-based games, and share files. As the sharing of pirated software grew, so did the custom of bundling them with ANSI art crediting the crackers that provided the software, like hacker graffiti. Over time this art form evolved and stood on its own, with artists and crews pushing the boundaries of this 8-bit art form, and releasing art packs separate from any warez.

Please join us as we watch “The Art of Warez”! This 30-minute film is unrated, but we would describe it as PG-13, and totally cool.

If you’re interested in graffiti, pirating software, hacker/cracker subculture, or reminiscing about BBSes and old computers, you’ll love this.

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