Thanks Penguicon!

We want to extend an enormous thank you to the organizers and attendees of Penguicon. All Hands Active was the official charity of Penguicon! With your support, over $3000 dollars was raised to support our mission. We look forward to providing more programs in the Ann Arbor Area and at Penguicon next year. The convention was a success and all of our members who attended greatly appreciated the attention to detail given to every event by the organizers.

If you stopped by the makerspace at Penguicon, you would have seen many of our members soldering programmable LED boards together for attendees to purchase. Unfortunately, they arrived last minute and we didn’t have enough time to prepare them all before the con. If you didn’t manage to grab a completed one at con, we’ll have them available at other events throughout the summer and at Penguicon next year!

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  1. KRMcLeod says:

    For those of us who were able to get a badge, is there a how to somewhere that can walk us beginners through how to play with them?

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