December Events, Classes, and Workshops!!!

We are glad to bring you the upcoming events for December! On top of our regularly occuring classes, we are super excited to be holding a few more holiday themed classes! Our new classes will let you learn how to craft stamps to make cards and decorate gift bags, and we will also be making and messing around with CHOCOLATE!!! Some of our other classes will have holiday options as well, such a soldering a tree or menorah kit.

Other interesting workshops we have this month is our Insect Tasting, where we will be trying to break down barriers of what is gross, and how courageous and open-minded we are. We also have a super awesome amazing Virtual Reality Hacking event, which will be ongoing throughout the month, hosted by Khevna!

Our hours for the holidays may be tricky, so we will announce when and if we will be open to the public from 12/24-12/31.

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About Heibai

I am the AHA Kids Class Coordinator, making and teaching classes for our organization and the community. I like to plan things and bring people together, and have served as an Event Organizer for All Hands Active for some time now and have loved every minute of it. I rounded up the troops for the Art Show at Vault of Midnight, May 2011. I organized the Penguicon Hackerspace of 2012, helped organize our workforce for Maker Faire 2012, and have a few projects under my sleeves now.
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