Space Remodeling Week

All Hands Active will be mostly out of commission this week, and we’ll need some awesome help during this period : )

Sunday, August 25th – Saturday August 31st we will be painting, removing unused items, and organizing every section of AHA. It starts today with the Prototyping and Loud Noise Rooms.

A more detailed schedule is available:

If you have an hour or two to spare, please feel free to add your name, or just show up. We’ll be there from 12pm to 8pm every day.

Looking forward to seeing a fresh new clean AHA for the start of September!

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About Josh Williams

Woohoo! I like working with technology, hands on projects, and being terribly, terribly curious. I spend a lot of time thinking about education, particularly in the K-8 age group. Hopefully some of that thinking gets turned into action through places like All Hands Active, Bright Futures, Brain Monkeys, etc.
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