3D Scanning Anyone?

The Cube has been replaced with a new layout of multi-purpose workstations! (Thanks Barracuda, Zach, & Thomas) This weekend we will be running multiple workshops that teach people how to use a Kinect to create 3D Models of humans. This would not have been feasible with the previous setup.

Like most of the tools at All Hands Active, the PCs in the lab are free for general use. Blender, SketchUp, InkScape, Eclipse, Visual and much much more are available.  The next time FedEx Kinkos tries to charge you $12 p/hour to edit a PDF, consider stopping by the shop ; ).

Also, thanks to Nate Yost & i3 Detroit, we have a fully armed and operational bat… laser printer.

Check out the rest of our upcoming events. We’re playing with Conductive Ink this Thursday at Build Night, join us!

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Woohoo! I like working with technology, hands on projects, and being terribly, terribly curious. I spend a lot of time thinking about education, particularly in the K-8 age group. Hopefully some of that thinking gets turned into action through places like All Hands Active, Bright Futures, Brain Monkeys, etc.
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