Weekly Update: MLK Day, Backyard Brains on CNN, Rasperry Pi, Fairy Doors!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. FTW. All Hands Active strives to give everyone access to the tools and resources they need, regardless of their race, religion, economic position, etc. This wouldn’t be possible without all the help we get every day from individuals pitching in. Special thanks to Terence O’Neill and the crew from the University of Michigan’s School of Information who came in last week to make some significant improvements to the space!

Also, Backyard Brains on CNN!

More awesome news:

  • Our Raspberry Pi meetup was killer! We’ll be doing a meetup every second Thursday of the month at 7:00pm.
  • Also, check out our Fairy Door!
  • More workshops this month: Learn Octave, and LASER Cutting
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    Woohoo! I like working with technology, hands on projects, and being terribly, terribly curious. I spend a lot of time thinking about education, particularly in the K-8 age group. Hopefully some of that thinking gets turned into action through places like All Hands Active, Bright Futures, Brain Monkeys, etc.
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