New perks for you to show your support!

All Hands Active is a lot closer to meeting our goal for making the money we need to pay our December bills, but not close enough. We are still a little less than $1000 from our goal.

There are still many ways for you to donate and help out your favorite hackerspace, and now you will get awesome thank you gifts from Dana/Heibai herself! With your charitable donation  given before December 1st, of $100 or more, you will receive all this awesome stuff:

  • A pair of resistor earrings. These are handmade, and each pair being unique in color combination is one of my goals. Some even come with little charms on them :D
  • One chainmaille bracelet or necklace. Specific colors can be requested, supplies permitting, and size can be custom fit. Style may also be requested, but not guaranteed, as some style require a lot of time or different materials.
  • LASER cut piece of art. This will be approximately 6″x12″ in size and will be suitable for a present or for personal enjoyment. Custom pieces can theoretically be done with the understanding that Dana is not a professional designer. We do have other people in the organization that may be able to help, their time permitting.
  • The official AHA holiday tree ornament of 2012, which the design has yet to be decided. This will also be LASER cut, and will feature a limited edition style for this year only.

HOW TO REDEEM YOUR THANK YOU GIFTS: Once you’ve made your donation through our many different contributing options, email Dana directly at to establish communication so you can pick out which designs/styles you would like.

It should be noted that all supplies and work going into this specific project is being donated to All Hands Active. ALL proceeds go directly towards supporting and maintaining one of the best hackerspaces in the world.

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About Heibai

I am the AHA Kids Class Coordinator, making and teaching classes for our organization and the community. I like to plan things and bring people together, and have served as an Event Organizer for All Hands Active for some time now and have loved every minute of it. I rounded up the troops for the Art Show at Vault of Midnight, May 2011. I organized the Penguicon Hackerspace of 2012, helped organize our workforce for Maker Faire 2012, and have a few projects under my sleeves now.
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  1. Heibai says:

    Also, I will ship gifts if needed, free of charge.

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