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Hello Everyone -

Help AHA make rent next month! On top of our estimated income, we need to bring in an additional ~$1,500 in the next four weeks. In classic NPR style, we are coming to you for help.

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Have a few extra dollars? Donate! Please click the “Donate” button over in yonder sidebar to the right!
  2. Become a member: If you can afford membership, we’d love to have you join us!
  3. Student/Starving Hacker Member? If your financial situation supports it, we would love to have you move up to the regular member rate!
  4. Learn with us! Every month we run classes on soldering, Arduino, and how to use our Laser Cutter, 3D printer, and CNC machine. See our class listing on our events page.
  5. Got skills you want to share? We are also interested in helping you run a class! Contact us to get started.
  6. If you have friends or compatriots who would enjoy hanging out with us and making awesome stuff, bring them down! (THIS IS A BIG ONE…the more people the more love for AHA)
  7. Have your company Sponsor or Donate to AHA! We can offer exciting perks like employee memberships, advertising, private classes, or hackathons. As always, we are working to support Ann Arbor’s tech/DIY culture.
  8. Donate your time, help make AHA beautiful! Talk to us for specific suggestions.
  9. If you have skills and can make things that AHA can sell, talk to us, especially if those are things you can make at AHA! There may be a bake-and-awesome-stuff fundraising sale in the near to medium term future.

We have done a ton of awesome things this year alone, and want to make the rest of this year even more amazing! Check out just a few of our accomplishments at:

We want to continue growing, and we are committed to making this happen in the most efficient and low-overhead way possible. Since our founding, we have been making our membership dollars go as far as possible. If you haven’t seen the space in a while, you will be blown away at what we have to offer nowadays, so please — won’t you help us to continue this momentum?

Every person who takes part in AHA helps shape where the space is going, and we wouldn’t be Ann Arbor’s Hackerspace if it were not for you all.

If you have any other ideas, please talk to us — we greatly appreciate your help.

Dana, Michael, Nate D., Nate Y., and Jamison (aka The Board).

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  1. LogiK says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Professor! This has been recurring topic at board meetings past, but has not yet achieved much traction (despite unanimous interest). Elections willing, I will be sure to drive this one home at our next gathering.

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