Registration is Open!

Help AHA embark on a new journey, filling the brains of your community’s children with science, social productivity, and the awesome power that is DIY! The AHA Kids After School Program is now open for registration for both Fall and Winter semesters!

We have multiple types of classes, as we are trying to reach every type of person that represents the maker community. Take advantage of all the exciting & productive tools available at All Hands Active via classes for the serious gamer, the non-traditional artist, and the creative innovator.

On top of offering these classes, we are extending select member benefits. If you sign up your adolescent hacker for one of our after school programs, your whole family gets to take any regular class we offer at the AHA Member reduced rate for the duration of the program!

This semester will be awesome and we hope you and your family partake upon this journey with us!

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About Heibai

I am the AHA Kids Class Coordinator, making and teaching classes for our organization and the community. I like to plan things and bring people together, and have served as an Event Organizer for All Hands Active for some time now and have loved every minute of it. I rounded up the troops for the Art Show at Vault of Midnight, May 2011. I organized the Penguicon Hackerspace of 2012, helped organize our workforce for Maker Faire 2012, and have a few projects under my sleeves now.
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