AHA Summer Camp Registration is OPEN!

Registration is LIVE for the Adolescent Hackers Alliance Summer Camps!!! 

We will be bringing together gamers and hackers to offer 2 amazing classes, maybe 3 if there’s enough of a demand. You can click the link below, or on the bar above under “Summer Camps.”


Make sure you sign your child up early, as both classes are limited to 8 students. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dana Nelson at heibaiwow@gmail.com

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About Heibai

I am the AHA Kids Class Coordinator, making and teaching classes for our organization and the community. I like to plan things and bring people together, and have served as an Event Organizer for All Hands Active for some time now and have loved every minute of it. I rounded up the troops for the Art Show at Vault of Midnight, May 2011. I organized the Penguicon Hackerspace of 2012, helped organize our workforce for Maker Faire 2012, and have a few projects under my sleeves now.
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