Sunday Nights

What do we do down here at AHA? Here’s a run down of what happened today:

Dana has extreme focus in the video game League of Legends

Keane Wolter put together another SpikerBox for Backyard Brains. These kits allow you to hear what neurons sound like by wiring up, and then moving a cockroach leg. Add in a smartphone, and you can also see the Spikes (Action Potential)

Nathan spent part of the evening resolving some website CSS issues, discussing future plans for the upcoming wiki, and eventually rocking out a little chainmail.  We have the tools, and a fair amount of extra materials should you find yourself curious and nearby, come make your own!

Kimberly rocked out a dozen knitted balls during today’s Knitting Rumble workshop. This is an introductory class that happens every Sunday from 3pm to 5pm. Both the inexperienced and the experienced are encouraged to drop in and rock out with some yarn.

Katherine did not spend her time at AHA on a Potter related web site. She diligently studied for her finals. She did not pull up Microsoft Word to stage an image of her studying. Some people come down to AHA to relax for a little bit, some stop in to do homework. Katherine stopped by to study, and that’s the truth. 

Jacob Moga repaired an amplifier. The center channel was fuzzy. He poked at a bridged connection with a soldering iron (being quite cautious around the capacitors), and it’s no longer fuzzy sounding. I got all artsy with a mirror to take the picture.

Landon worked on some detail pieces for the wooden scabbard of a sword he has been putting together over the past few months. A mounted dremel allows him to guide the wood more steadily than if he were to handle the dremel by hand. Also, the sword is huge.


 Aaron, Cole, and Lucy spent some time creating a Solenoid for a UM Physics Project. They’re using an Arduino to change the current running through a wire coil, which causes a magnet to move in and out. They’re now modifying it to vibrate tightly enough to act like a speaker.


So that’s just a small sample of what happens here. People make, break, and fix things. They’re learning by doing, and sharing the experience with those around them. We’re open to the public five days of the week, providing a place for the public to utilize resources they wouldn’t normally have easy access to. Join us!

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