New features!

In the interest of enhancing and encouraging educational events, the new Member Skill Search has gone live. If you haven’t created a user yet, do eet! Once you have a user on the site, you can access the skills list in your Profile page. You’ll also want to make yourself pretty for the updated Makers page, so go to Gravatar and associate a picture with the email address you used to sign up on the site.

All profile info beyond skills selected, username and avatar is accessible only to users who have already logged in to the site. You may also want to just lurk around, so you are able to hide your profile with the “Private profile” option in your Profile page. If you wish to show your email address, you will need to check the “Email shown in profile” option (on by default), found in the same location.

Sound off if you have some suggestions, or there are some really critical skills I overlooked that you think should have made the list. I plan on expanding the list as soon as I can figure out a good way to organize it better.

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