Detroit Maker Faire – Like a raging fire-breathing rhinoctopus being successful

Happy Shelly Takes Stuff Apart at All Hands Active's Wrecklab, Detroit Maker Faire 2011We did it guys! Detroit Maker Faire was a total and complete success, and we made it outĀ alive (if a little crispy from the weather which resembled something of a cross between the surface of the sun and a Louisiana swamp. Bilal made dozens of kids of all ages happy by letting them do custom printing with instant laser-cut stencils, I rocked out some tunes from the fold-flat DJ stand, and after it all gifted our LED helipads to Matt Switlik of i3 Detroit, Leo showed off his lovely steampunk jewelry, and the highlight of the weekend: KIDS BREAKING THINGS! Our wrecklab was (so I hear) the best at the Faire, and we convinced young and old to take apart nearly a full truckload of old electronics in the interest of discovery and education!

Pictures and stories to follow, when we all finish tending to our sunburns. Thanks once again for another great Faire, Detroit. We love you too!

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