August Classes!

Lasering on August 6th @ 2pm!

Sewing on August 12th @ 7pm!


We’re having a class THIS Saturday, August 6th from 2pm ~ 4pm, and it’s all about the Laser Engraver/Cutter down at All Hands Active!┬áPlease note, if you want to use the Laser Cutter @ AHA, you will have to take this class.
Cost: $25 if you are a current paying member of AHA. $30 if you are not. What does all this wonderful time and money get you? Why, it gets you:
- Basic instruction on how to use the laser cutter
- 2 hours (in addition / after class time) of use on the laser cutter, with the ability to pay for more time ($10 p/hour for members, $12 p/hour for non members)
- Satisfaction in helping create a fund to maintain, repair, upgrade, etc.!
Basic class plans:
- Basic image editing and generation
- Difference between raster and vector
- Pre cut flight check
- How to size your document
- Laser cutter set up and lock/unlock
- Power settings and configurations
- Cleaning the bed
- Basic trouble shooting
- Acceptable materials
- Post cut flight check
FYI: This class is limited to just 10 people. You can PRE-REGISTER for it the following ways:
1) Click the “Donate” button @, and donate the appropriate amount.
- On the Paypal review page, please specify “laser” in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section
2) Drop money off w/ Digital Ops Staff, let them know it’s for the All Hands Active class on Lasers.
- Make sure they get your name and contact (email) information!
If you can’t make class this Saturday, no worries! We’ll be providing another one shortly.
Look forward to seeing you this Saturday!


Would you like to learn to sew? Do you have pants that need to be hemmed? Have you ever wanted to make something with fabric, but aren’t sure of the right techniques or how to use a sewing machine?
We are offering an Introduction to Sewing class at AHA on Friday, August, 12th at 7pm. The class will last about 60-90 minutes with additional time to play around as needed.
Member price: $5
Nonmember price: $8
You will learn:
-how to work a sewing machine (AHA just got a new one : D)
-about different types of fabrics, thread, and needles and how to combine them all effectively
-tips on sewing straight seams and curvy seams (concave, convex, and combinations of these)
-how to hem stuff
-we will practice hemming on test fabric, but if you have a garment to hem, bring it, and we can work on it after class
This is a hands-on class and focuses on technique and practice. This means that you will learn to make nicer looking seams.
Space is limited! Please register in advance here:
You can pay when you arrive at the class, or in advance by going to the Paypal Donate button on the AHA front page (after you have registered):

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