We’re Alive!

We rocked out a couple Saturdays ago at the A2 Mini Maker Faire. All told, AHA had a hand in three semi-distinct exhibits.

Our own booth featured Shaun‘s brilliant drawing robot, which he demonstrated to passersby. You feed it x and y coordinates between about 0 and 2, and two popsicle-stick-mounted servos move a pen to the specified location. Nate laid down a sonic field at a DJ stand he built himself, and I had an IR/visible-light webcam and Quartz Composer motion tracking set up.

Brain Monkeys – We hung out with Katie Tilton, pitting Lego Mindstorms NXT robots against each other in sensor-enabled sumo battles. Kids loved hitting the “ACTIVATE” buttons, indulging their feral enthusiasm.

Last but not least, we ran the “Learn to Solder” booth, since Dale Grover has become awesomely occupied in managing the Faire. We went through a butt-ton of Wee Blinky kits, and oodles of patrons, small and large, soldered together their first circuit. Everyone in attendance got their daily dose of safe danger.

Glass Act also had a splendid make-and-take booth, where I got to make an edge-lit design with an LED and a watch battery. These dudes brought the cool factor to circuitry. (That’s their Dremel setup at the top.)

I know some of you guys have pictures too, so send them in and we’ll feature them here! :)

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