Craftsman Guild’s Linux workshop and Python Unit Testing at All Hands Active

It’s time for Craftsman Guild again, and once again we’ll be meeting at All Hands Active on 525 E Liberty in Ann Arbor.
This week for Craftsman Guild, we’ll be delving into setting up a Linux environment which you’ll no doubt fall in love with and immediately want to set up as your main operating system, and then we’ll be doing some unit testing in python with tools nose, lettuce, and maybe even py.test!
First off, if you want to get the low-down on why Linux is so crazy badass for development, you’re going to want to get some things prepped before you show up! For one, unless you’re running Linux already, you’ll want to grab VirtualBox for your platform. After installing that and doing your obligatory 5 bows to Larry Ellison and his immortal wealth, you’ll want to go and download an Ubuntu ISO. Yes yes, gripe all you’d like about which distro is your favorite, but this week we’ll be demonstrating on Ubuntu because it’s easy.
If you can, go ahead and install Ubuntu in VirtualBox. If you need help, there are instructions here.
So, now that we have a working Linux environment, what will we do with it? This is where I’d like your input. Send me some specific things you’re interested in setting up in Linux, and I can make sure we cover them. Otherwise, we may have a rather one-track workshop ;)
See you guys Tuesday!
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