Renovations & Maker Faire

We’re remodeling! AHA is expanding into 50% of the space we share with Digital Ops, and the work so far is EXCITING. We’ve taken out the computer pods and devised a Grand Plan for the new floor area, based on a sweet 3D model Oishi made in Blender. Be sure to stop in and see!


Arc Attack performing @ Bay Area Maker Faire 2011Arc Attack performing at Maker Faire ’11

In other news, two of our members, Majors and Merlin, went to San Francisco for the Bay Area Maker Faire. We spent five days exploring the local geek culture, including Noisebridge and Langton Labs. Get the full rundown here, or just check out the photos :)

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About merlin

I do music, languages, electronics, screen printing, laser etching, and some garment-altering (leather/cloth).
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