Art Show wrap-up!

I was pleasantly amazed at the success of our event at Vault of Midnight. The food and music were great, the venue was sweet, the room was packed, and we took in about $260 ($160 after splitting) at the door, plus revenue from the art pieces that sold! To see the list of artists, artwork, and their sites, go here. Many new people came through, met our makers, and hopefully gained a toehold in our culture for a future return.

Kris Harbin plays the Troctave Drum!

Dr. Funk took a great many gorgeous photos, some of which I hope will be posted on our public Facebook sites soon. Matt put some great shots up on Flickr, and Amanda got a photo of EVERY piece of art at the show (whew!), and a lot of nice shots of attendees as well…

Andrew Hillebrand (chainmail)

Jes Yaeger (modern jewelry)

Leo Robertson (steampunk crafts)

Motion-tracking webcam display

ech0 works the crowd

Melissa Phythian’s electro-heart

…also, Merlin and Funk got arted!


Ech0 recently created a sweet new video, which I think admirably captures the delight of hackin’ on things, as well as the progression of technology. Viddy below…

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