Art Show this Saturday, March 26!

Pillows by Nicole Sobolak

In case you haven’t heard, the makers and friends of All Hands Active have brought together a massive offering of projects for exhibition! Come join us at Vault of Midnight, in the basement at 219 South Main Street. We will begin at 3pm and close at 10. In between, there will be live canvas painting, vinyl record and speaker painting, body painting, screenprinting, live music by FIVE different local artists… and that’s not all… there will be Snacks, there will!

“Splinization” by Steve Schmitt (Pokey)

For information on artists and a schedule of events, check out the Art Show tab up yonder, or download the program here. We’d love to see you there, and if you’re thinking about joining AHA, this is the perfect opportunity to come meet some of our makers.

Engraved glass by Alex Glowaski (Merlin)

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About merlin

I do music, languages, electronics, screen printing, laser etching, and some garment-altering (leather/cloth).
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