Some face time

Concentrate media ran a video article on us! Much thanks for the lovely professional look.

Now you might be wondering, “Doesn’t that space look a little cramped for all that activity? I heard they even have to do loud power tool stuff with sparks and metal in the women’s bathroom. What dark and dingy back-room are they sawing that wood in? Don’t they need more table space to be making those chainmail bras? [not featured in video.] [Xander may or may not be wearing one under his shirt.]”

Why yes, this is all true! We’re raising funds to afford rent for the entire space, not just the corner. If you’d like to support chainmail bras and more, please check out the shiny donate button to your right, close your eyes, and press “9″ a lot.

No money to donate? Join the club. No, seriously. Walk yourself down to AHA sometime and check the place out. If you’re still there at 4am, don’t worry, that’s normal.

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