So you want to be a Vim Ninja? [class]

Well AHA, I know how much you like to edit text. I get 40 or so emails a day from your smiling finger-faces in my email box, and I see Textmate and jEdit and Notepad++ open on your happy terminals when I  come upon your fantastic visages in person.

Yet over and over again, you peer over my shoulder in wonder as I perform textual wizardry without a GUI and forge mere ASCII into code of awesomeness. But, fear not — I am no cruel guru cloistering my secrets away solely to bask in your reverence. No, the time has come young padawans.

The Time For “So You Want to Be a Vim Ninja” has arrived.Like the bestest editor EVAR

Come enjoy the wonders of editing text. You will learn:

  • the basics of right-hand-only arrowless key movement.
  • to manage multiple files (buffers), and tabs without ever touching a mouse.
  • useful plugins to expedite your mastery of the source code at your hands, no matter the language
  • how to customize your editor to look and feel how you’d like it to
  • how to use macros to make the editor do repetitive tasks instead of doing them yourself
  • saving sessions, so the editor will look the same for each project you’re working on, even if you switch back and forth.

We’ll be holding this fantastic dissemination of knowledge on the afternoon of Sunday, February 20th, 2011 at 2pm (prompt!). We’ll likely run 2 hours, officially, with some hang out and see-what-you-can do time afterwards.

Crazy MarsupialIn addition, our most gracious and glorious of sponsors the Monolith (also known as O’Reilly Media) have offered a door prize! Come to the class and see how we’ll use vim’s built-in scripting language to randomly determine a winner of this most precious of gifts.

There will be a 15-seat limit on this class. It’s also free for anyone, but a $10 donation is encouraged (especially if you want to be in on the drawing for our door prize!) As is standard fare for All Hands Active classes, you’re also welcome to bring delicious nom-noms.

For more information or to reserve your slot, send me an email: nathan (period) dotz (at-sign) gmail (period) com

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