AHA takes the Pepsi Challenge

Update: Voting is now live! http://www.refresheverything.com/dnaprogramming

Beginning January 3rd, 2011 AHA members were accepted
to vie for YOUR votes in the Pepsi Refresh competition. This is in
the hopes of winning a $25,000 grant for the project sketched in this
video, articulated in Pepsi Refresh grant application, and to be
further exhibited in emerging media throughout the month. Please sign
up and vote today and every day until the end of the month!

The project is dubbed AHA’s “Hello World” program – DNA Programming
for Do it Yourself Biologists. AHA is taking steps to set up
community lab space for carrying out some introductory techniques in
genetic engineering. The purpose of this project is partly to
demonstrate how accessible the art is becoming with off the shelf
supplies and partly to engage the public in this important discussion
as we embark into the future of genomic science.

Please take an aliquot of your time and drop us your votes!

The video was edited by Jared Tritz and Mark Meves! Great job guys!

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I am the AHA Kids Class Coordinator, making and teaching classes for our organization and the community. I like to plan things and bring people together, and have served as an Event Organizer for All Hands Active for some time now and have loved every minute of it. I rounded up the troops for the Art Show at Vault of Midnight, May 2011. I organized the Penguicon Hackerspace of 2012, helped organize our workforce for Maker Faire 2012, and have a few projects under my sleeves now.
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