Nima fulfills the Dream of a Lifetime

We had two awesome events recently: on Friday, we took a field trip to A2 Mech Shop to learn to use their laser cutter. Then a bunch of us headed out to Xander’s (and Pokey’s) for Hack-a-Chef II on Saturday — the second iteration of Xander’s no-holds-barred cooking challenge, which shall be documented shortly. We also visited our man ech0 in the hospital, and he’s holding up like a G6 on top of a lot of troubles.

The illustrious Dale Grover, who lent us soldering equipment for DUCF, invited us out to the Mech Shop to try out the laser, CNC mill, and anything else that people were interested in (as well as pizza). The results were incredibly badass, among them Nima’s mouse-etched cellphone, Major Majors’ audio-circuit project box, and my Buckaroo Banzai-inspired journal cover… Bob Stack even CNC-engraved our logo into countertop material:

A million thanks, and hopes of future collaboration, to the Mech Shop and Maker Works — Dale and Bob, Larry Works, Katie Tilton, Peter Something, and everyone else who works and plays there. You guys know how to rock.

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