DUCF: Flawless Victory!

Sometimes, all it takes is one member. Major Majors pulled it all together, virtually singlehanded: borrowing materials for 5 soldering stations from Dale Grover, buying a couple hundred Maker Shed 2010 badges, and recruiting volunteers to staff the booth. Props to Josh, Nicole, and Noam for teaching and exhibiting with us!

architecture and crafts for hungry eyes

The gorgeous Fillmore Theatre - view from our perch in the mezzanine.

All told, 59 people learned to solder (they could keep their badges for $2 each), perhaps a hundred more learned to make stamps (and took them home for free), and countless stopped to push around the motion-tracking dots on our infrared video feed. They beat on Amanda’s propane tank drum, listened to a set of homemade headphones, threw their voices through the Angry Amp, and played on the Ataritar. For our part, we tried (and failed) to catch the Twinkies i3 launched at us from the opposite balcony. (To be fair, one of them didn’t make it all the way across…)

Of course, our table drew a lot of attention from the younger crowd. My favorites were the kids who exasperated their parents, goggling at the sounds and images they could produce by stamping, soldering, drumming, and waving their arms around… the ones who kept sneaking back, lingering for maybe a half-hour at a time, grinning with excitement and newness… not wanting to “let the others have a turn”; embracing their curiosity and running with it.

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