The Importance of Being Pythonic [Programming Class]

I know what you’re wondering:
“Why haven’t I attended a python class at All Hands Active recently?”

No worries! You can stop feeling guilty and start feeling awesome, because another round of python classes is coming up at AHA.

And so I present: “The Importance of Being Pythonic”

This class is aimed at teaching you the basics of programming. You will not be a computer scientist. You will learn enough jargon lingo to jive-talk your way at the bar with the nerd crowd, without needing a real understanding of what’s going on. You will (hopefully) be able to write simple computer programs to help you in your workplace or schooling, figure out problems that are not fit for paper, and impress your friends and relatives with your new whizbang computer widget skills.

Schedule is in 2-hour blocks. All discussion is tentative. Full coverage is hopeful, tangents are likely. We’ll be using python 2.7, and it would be awesome if you had that downloaded and installed, but it’s ok if you can’t figure that out before you come.

We’ll be doing most of our development in an environment called IDLE. Conveniently, it comes with all of the full python packages. Mind you, if you’re a mister/miss fancy-pants and have your own python IDE picked out and you know how to use it, or you just want to use the REPL, then that’s awesome. If you don’t know what a REPL is, we’ll fix that.

Tenatively, meetings will be at:
All Hands Active Hackerspace
525 E Liberty – Digital Ops
Ann Arbor, MI, 48104

Google maps link:

If there’s significant interest, we’ll consider changing venues (no worries, you’ll be notified at least 24 hours before hand) to a nearby coffee dispensary or the like.

This class is totally free. However, as a member-funded non-profit, we think it would be awesome if you chose to bring a $5 donation for each session you attend. Student? Out of work? Cash tapped from feeding 9001 cats? No worries — no one’s keeping track, and no one cares. You’re also welcome to bring homemade baked goods or other group-friendly Naschene in lieu of monetary donations.

Den Zeitplan:
Saturdays, 2p-4p
(That’s October 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd)
If you’re interested in attending, please respond with: your level of experience and what languages it is in, or if you don’t have any experience, a goofy anecdote about what you’re looking to learn. Inquiries should be sent to:

ahashop (at-sign) googlegroups
nathan (period) dotz (at-sign) gmail

Class 1 – Monty who?
-Install python (preferably people come with this done)
-concepts of objects, methods, functions, types. (just enough, no
crazy science yet)
-everything is an object
-objects do stuff, those are called methods
-objects hold data, data have types.
-data are objects, ’cause everything is an object.
-conditions make decisions.
Goals: Primitive Calculator.

Class 2 – Ok, but does it DO anything?!
-List comprehensions
-Loops and more wacky control structures
-Putting together pieces to do stuff:
-natural numbers and modulo.
-find you a fibonacci
-Do geese see God? palindromes from back to front
-name that prime!
Goals: Solve some math stuff. Fibonacci, prime factors, palindromes,
lions, tigers, bears, oh my!

Class 3 – Step 0.1 to Net 2.2 Fizzbuzz
-Modules and the time-space continuum
-Wow, reading a whole library is that easy?
-Making strings behave
-In which one squeezes many things in a small space and it ends up looking pretty
Goals: generate some HTML pages, just like the web-pros do.

Class 4 – Ok, but my grandma can’t use that.
-Inheritence, possession, and exorcism.
-GUI Toolkit (as yet undetermined)
-Well put that in your toolkit and calculate it!
Goals: GUI calculator (simple)

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  1. sleepynate says:

    Woo! Perhaps this week it won’t be so cold and rainy!

    Then again, what better way to hide from the cold than in the warm gooey clutches of the hackerspace?

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