Detroit Maker Faire

Dear loyal readers, I have both good news and bad news to impart upon you.  The good news is that I have recovered my vision entirely with no lasting pathologies.  The bad news relates to why I lost that vision in the first place.  It was at the Detroit Maker Faire that this untimely event unfolded, for the magnitude of the awesomeness of the wonderful and amazing things to be consumed at the Maker Faire was such that my retinas were promptly burnt out, just like looking directly into a 50W neon laser.  And the bad news, my darling reader friend, is that the Detroit Maker Faire lasted but 2 short days.  And it is over.

In 2 days we let kids built a castle of 2x4s, PVC, and cardboard, and within 3h of us constructing the main tower they’d thoroughly adult-proofed it by making doors and tunnels far too small for our frames.  The kids nearly knocked me out with a sudden onset of spray paint fumes as they decorated the castle in themes reminescent of Jackson Pollock’s drunken poetry.  Not only this, but the constant chiptunes and the steady hammering of young children upon old electronics at the nearby Robotics Redefined, Inc. Wrecklab created a wonderfully chaotic atmosphere.  i3 Detroit attacked us with their Twinkie car, even resorting to such treachery as to brainwash a Pumping Station: One member into piloting it.  We countered with a sortie to take over their Maker Mixer and successfully transformed the gathering from a standing-around-talking-event to a dancing-like-awesome-party (many thanks to Oishi, Facehat, Matt, and Echo for their assistance).  There was much fire and cape-wearing and ambient goggles and we also got to visit with our fellow Kwartzlab hackers from the exotic land of Canada, who curiously didn’t sound very Canadian (we were glad to learn that our Canadian is more fluent than we’d thought).  HackPDG, Arch Reactor, Omni Corps Detroit, Pumping Station: One, i3 Detroit, and a few other unmentionable hackerspaces were there as well.  I like to think that we managed to make more friends than enemies among them.

Now that the Maker Faire is over and our visions are returning to normal, the hardy hacker crew at All Hands Active has been at best lethargic and at worst listless.  No breeze stirs through our sails of inspiration and the waves of possibility lapping at our hull are unnoticed in the desperately understimulated state we find ourselves in.  Enough with the nautical nonsense, though, because we’re already planning for next time.  Yea, verily, it was not the despoilment of fresh Sterilite bins with Ever Greater Organization that plucked at the bow of our heartstrings, but rather the possibility for More.

So we are planning, and we are devising, and scheming, and determinedly determining that whatever we do next will–nay, MUST–be grander and more impressive.  And involve either marshmallows or fire.

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