Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire Follow-Up 2

More documentation of the Ann Arbor Mini Maker Faire that took place June 5th have emerged via Make Magazine’s blog and Flickr stream, courtesy of Matt Mets of HackPDH.

Here Bilal was making flyers for us to hand out, as we quickly ran out of our normal flyers*:


Here I am with one of the finished products:


Amanda had wrapped the yarn that somehow wound up with our fort-building supplies around me before she left for Indonesia that day.

Here’s Alex, scaring little kids and teaching them to juggle at the same time:


We enjoy recursion and make certain to engage in it whenever possible:

Nick Britsky of i3 Detroit, our closest hackerspace neighbor, seemed rather confused by Amanda’s Hank Drum:


Afterwards, we went to Pizza House and built stuff with the odds and ends I found in my backpack.  I try to be prepared for the apocalypse, although I’m not certain what a linear taper would do to help me in that event.


Nate is silly.

And finally, here’s Alex continuing her trend of creepiness:


Seems that whenever we’re around paint of any sort we wind up with it on our faces and in our ears and hair.  I choose to believe that this is a positive attribute and I hope that it will spark a new fashion movement.  Imagine it!

*Normal strategy is to write on our faces and photocopy them.

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